Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mama Trudy’s day

Just a short post, mostly for my own benefit, to document today.

Hospice nurse came today.  Mama’s blood pressure is down, 102/50. Heart rate is down, 78 beats per minute.  That’s not low for normal, but it’s low for Mama.  Her normal is about 100 bpm, for the last two or three years.

She’s very dizzy today.

Appetite is still pretty good for all that’s going on with her.  She wanted to come to the table in her wheelchair at lunch, but was exhausted by the time she finished eating and was ready to go back to her bed.

She sat up in her chair a little while this evening in her rocking chair and played a game of Old Sol, that’s what she calls solitaire.  She also worked a word puzzle.  Her head is still fuzzy, but not as dizzy as this morning.

It’s Spring already!!! 

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