Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Date Day

When you aren’t able to get in your vehicle and go anywhere you want to go, you really appreciate the times you get to go somewhere and learn not to take that time for granted.

Such was today.  A wonderful few hours with my wonderful husband and my camera.

The redbuds are blooming everywhere.  Beautiful.100_0668100_0669100_0670

The drive up the mountain is pretty, also.100_0672

We wanted a burger from the little gas station/store/dive up on the ridge, so that where we headed.100_0673

Ok, so now we’ve been there and had their burgers and onion rings and tater tots. And I paid for it this afternoon.  So sick to my stomach.  Ugggg.  At least, I didn’t get sick until we got home.

More going down the road scenes.100_0677100_0678

Don brought this view to my attention from the barn above.  So pretty.100_0679

White flowers galore.100_0680

Biking enthusiasts enjoying the eighty degree day.100_0683

More white blooms.100_0685100_0686

This is the only tree we saw with pale yellow blooms.100_0687

We passed a park on top of Lookout Mountain with lots of color so Don turned in and parked and I went for a walk with my camera.100_0688

Wish I could show off and name all the different blooms we saw today.100_0689

Monument states:

Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

In Memory . September 11, 2001

Given by the churches of Lookout Mountain.


This is why Don stopped.  I said, “Oh, those tulips were beautiful!” 






These tiny blue flowers covered the ground.100_0697

The only thing missing from this picture is the wedding party.  I mean, seriously, what more would you need for decoration?100_0698100_0699100_0700100_0701

One of my favorite scenes… anywhere.100_0703

A view of Chattanooga.100_0751



The Tennessee River100_0758


We finished off our date with a little shopping for a couple of outfits for the spring, (I didn’t bring anything but winter clothes.) and a pair of flip-flops.  I’m all set for this warmer weather now.

Thanks for our mental health day, brother Jon.  We appreciate you very much. Really.  You are okay.  I don’t care what anyone says.Winking smile


tammy said...

So many familiar views for me ... and I'm happy you had a little while out in the air to see and do something a little different. I like how you call it a "mental health day"!
Seriously, though, there is no one else as well suited for the job that you are now doing and I'm glad you are there.

The Longs said...

Judy said she hopes the flowers are still blooming when we get there onn MAY12th. Was going to ask Don to scout the road out up to camp and find the best way for to take the MH up.