Monday, March 26, 2012

In the pulpit, again

Don is excited that it’s finally Monday, March 26th.  Today he gets to preach!  He and my brother, Jon, are going over the mountain hill to Rock Springs to a pastors’ fellowship where Don will both preach and tell the pastors about Christian Resort Ministries, International.  I just had to get a picture of the men in blue.100_0006

Jonny had stuck his tongue out at me, but I wasn’t fast enough on the shutter to catch it.100_0007

The bouquet Don brought me Friday is still beautiful!100_0013

Just feast your eyes on that yellow rose.100_0009

I’m sharing my bouquet with Mama… it’s in her room.

Mama Trudy had a little “I can’t breathe” spell this morning.  As I’ve described before, it’s caused by anxiety that she’s not even aware she has.  She’s getting air, but she doesn’t feel like she is.  It must be an awful feeling.  This one lasted a little longer than the last one, which was yesterday (Sunday) morning.  When she’s not eating, she sleeps most of the day; wakes up about 5:00 or 5:30 PM and sits up in her rocker until … sometimes 10:00 PM, but that’s rare.  While sitting up, she first reads her Bible and several devotionals; plays a few games of solitaire; works a word puzzle or three. When she’s tired of sitting and ready to go to bed for the night, we have our little routine of brushing her teeth, washing her hands and massaging her feet with tea tree oil and then legs and feet with lotion.  ~We talk.~  I put a drop of CalmEar in each ear because her ears itch and it works better than anything she’s ever tried; it’s a Godsend. Sometimes she needs drops in her eyes. I usually say a very short prayer for her to sleep well.  I don’t pray long because her hearing aide is laying on the table and I feel that it’s rude to pray when she can’t hear me and pray along with me.  Okay, that’s our evening routine.

Mama’s 84 year old sister, Nella Fay, had knee replacement surgery today in Las Vegas.  Surgeon said she did great, but the knee was much worse than he thought and he couldn’t believe she had been walking without a walker.  Don’t let their maiden name, Pillow, fool you… those Pillow girls are tough!!  She’ll need lots of prayer during rehab, though.

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