Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hang Gliding in Georgia

When we are in this area, Lookout Parkway is a favorite road for us that runs south from Lookout Point toward Trenton, Georgia along the top of the ridge.  Today, we were hoping to watch a hang glider leaving the ramp in flight.

As we approached the ramp area, we caught site of a glider high above the ridge.100_0605

I think it’s going to be our day to see a “take-off.’  There’s a hang glider beside the ramp and soon this guy is getting into his gear.100_0620

He approaches the ramp and my heart begins to pound, for him.100_0623

Two gentlemen visiting, help the glider to be steady.100_0625

At this point, the guys are just chatting and waiting for the right wind.100_0626

The right wind came.

Here, I would insert the video I took of the glider leaving the ramp, but I can’t without uploading it to YouTube and that is just more than I want to do right now.  It was really cool, though.

Here’s the first picture I took of the glider.  He’s way up there.100_0628


Don thoroughly enjoyed watching the hang glider and is imagining being able to fly through the air in this manner.100_0622


Getting closer to the100_0631

He is now over the landing area.100_0633

The shadow indicates that he is on the ground, safe and sound.100_0634

What a beautiful day for hang gliding watching.

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