Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Date Thursday pictures

My brother, Jon, stayed with Mama Trudy this afternoon while Don and I went on a “date.”

We went to downtown Chattanooga for lunch.

The barbeque place we wanted to eat at was closed, so we walked down the street to Southern Comfort Steakhouse & Night Club… night club was closed.100_0579

Don had the meatloaf and I had the fried chicken.  It was pretty good.100_0578

There’s a huge National Military Cemetery in Chattanooga.100_0588

We thought we were going up on Missionary Ridge, but instead, we went through it.100_0591

All the creeks in this area are full100_0598

Up on Lookout Parkway.100_0599100_0600100_0601

The view from our favorite stopping place.100_0606100_0607

Looks like the RV “park” is full.  Those little houses are equipped with washer and dryer!  Isn’t that clever.100_0609100_0610100_0611100_0612100_0613

There seems to be a fire on the mountain across the valley.100_0615

The Lookout Creek winds through the valley.100_0617100_0618100_0619100_0621

The road going down off the mountain.100_0635

Don and I thoroughly enjoyed our date today.  Thank You, Lord, for the beautiful day.

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Peggy & Bill said...

Isn't it beautiful from up there?! I loved it when we visited there.