Friday, February 3, 2012

Don needs a grill!

I really must do a better job of journaling our days with pictures.

My Don went to Wal-Mart today and came home with a gas-grill-in-a-box.  You know what that means?  Yes sir.  It had to be assembled.  What a team we are!  Got that grill put together in 4 hours flat!!  Who me?  Well, maybe that’s a little exaggeration.  Once we got the table grill together, we realized… no table.  Out on the deck, I got a brainstorm and texted my brother to bring a piece of scrap lumber. His brilliant addition to the idea was the C-clamps to secure the “table top.” 


OK, let’s try it out.  Johnsonville Brats for dinner with sauerkraut!  Don sacrifices so much for me.100_0480

Table top grill works great.  My man is happy!!!100_0481

I’ll admit it… it doesn’t take much to make us happy.  This whole grilling arrangement cost less then $20.100_0482

A few days ago, Don made chicken and dumplings in the Crock Pot.  When I got my serving out of the pot, I placed the lid on a burner that I thought was turned off.

What’s that strange smell? 100_0477

Have you ever seen strings of melted plastic?  I trimmed them off hoping to salvage the lid. No such luck.100_0476

Today, Don purchased a $10 Dutch oven at the dollar store to cook the turnip greens that Mama Trudy has requested.100_0478

Guess what the Dutch oven glass lid fits on?100_0479Now Don can cook that roast to go with Mama Trudy’s turnip greens!

In case you ever wondered if three eggs really do make brownie mix taste more like a cake than fudgy brownies made with two eggs… they do.  And I don’t like cake like brownies.

Tonight, I decided to grill our hot dog buns and you know where this is going, don’t you?  Burnt.

I’m dangerous in the kitchen. So glad My Cook is here!

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