Friday, February 3, 2012

Dearest Prayer Warriors!
 Kris was admitted to the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio on Monday, January 30th! Russell and Joshua took her there, and Russ even texted some photos of her room as well as one of Kris in her “new” bed. The attached photo shows Kris with her son, Joshua, sitting next to that wonderful hospital bed that she has needed for so long. Russ said it was like an ICU room: private, pretty, spacious, and that fantastic hospital bed, and all the “bells and whistles” necessary for her complete care. Praise the Lord! And we’re proud of Joshua for stepping up to help get Mom packed up and moved. I’m sure it was quite a task for both Russ and Joshua, but it worked like clockwork, evidently. Thanks guys!!!

And for those wonderful folks who send such loving and prayerful cards and letters, Kris’s new mailing address is:
Maj. Kristine Ratliff
Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital
7400 Merton Minter Blvd.
Room B-522-13
San Antonio, Texas 78229
Kris had her first full day of therapy yesterday and, when Russell went there yesterday afternoon, he said she was really tired but happy. He said the nursing staff and everyone has been so helpful and really on top of things. I will be able to call every day again and talk to her care manager there, as well as to her nurse. Russell will call every day when he gets there so that I can talk to Kris, and he’ll continue to send pictures from time to time, too. We are excited FOR Kris, and for the family, and I think she realizes this is what it will take for her to go home eventually. Dr. Johnson was there when they arrived on Monday, as was another doctor who will work with Kris. Russ said they will meet every Friday to discuss Kris’s therapy program, her progress, her needs, and her overall care plan. How I wish she could have gone there last fall, but she’s there now... so... we leave it in God’s hands entirely.
As for the folks at Country Care Manor, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for all that they have done for Kris. It is a small facility, but with big hearts, and the therapy girls (as I have said so often) were wonderful. The other photo attached is Kris saying good-bye to Brandy, one of the little therapy dogs at Country Care. (Kris and Brandy really bonded!) To Susan, Rene and Heidi, we just have to say again how very grateful we are that you are there and you took Kris under your “wings.” I saw her become more open to moving around on her own than she has ever been since the accident, and she felt quite at home there. I hope you get that nice big therapy room; no one deserves it more than you!!! You work miracles!
For now, your awesome prayers are coveted on Kris’s behalf, and on the behalf of all those at the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital who will be working with Kris. It is a huge place and extremely busy, but it seems they have not lost concern for the individual patient’s needs. As I said, we are so excited and we are praying, believing God’s miracles are very close.
Blessings and big heartfelt hugs,
Carol and George

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