Monday, January 30, 2012

More sad farewells

The beautiful white rosebud Emily game me last night has opened this morning.  I miss her already.100_0451

[This entry may be a little boring for most.  It’s mostly for me to remember the routine that Mama and I have.]

Journal Entry:

Mama Trudy got up and went to the bathroom by herself this morning.  I got up about 8:30 and went in to say “good morning” and give her a hug.  She slept well last night. 

Next, I prepared her warm OJ with a little liquid calcium/magnesium, while listening to Chip Ingram online with ear buds.

She requested (a good sign of appetite) a scrambled egg, one biscuit with pancake syrup and a cup of hot almond milk and she wanted it about 9:30.  I did it!

This morning her meds consist of one 25 mg furosemide and one Mucinex.  Plus a few vitamins, minerals and supplements.

As we were expecting Tammy, Emily, Jamey and girlfriend, Allyson, and Jon this morning, Mama Trudy got dressed and combed her hair, all while I was preparing caramel pop corn for my nephew, Jamey.  And washing dishes.  I was surprised and delighted to she her all ready for her company.  Having a walker with wheels on the back legs and an extended oxygen tube, affords her mobility around her bedroom.  She was tired after getting dressed, so she took a nap while waiting for everyone to arrive.

They arrived about 11:00 AM and the apartment was full.  Everyone visiting with Mama Trudy and Emily asking questions about her life and taking notes on her phone, furiously.  Emily, 21, is Mama Trudy’s first great-grandchild.100_0456100_0453100_0454100_0457

Allyson was in a “food coma” after their breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning.100_0452

Sammy’s family also came over, minus Sammy, who was working.  With them was Blake’s friend, Aubrey.  They only stayed for about an hour.

All too soon, it was 2:15 PM and time for them to go.  Farewells are not my favorite thing.  Especially, for Tammy and Emily, who are flying back to Washington today, it was particularly emotional.  Sometime after 2:30, they were all in the car and Mama Trudy was standing in her window… and we’re ALL crying and waving as they drive off.  It took Mama Trudy a while to get herself composed again.

It was very quiet in the house after they left.  Don went to Guthrie’s Chicken Shack to pick up our late lunch which we ate after 3:00.  Mama Trudy came to the table to eat, but went back to her bed directly after and took a nap.

Time to relax.  Watch a movie.  Work a Sudoku puzzle or two.

Text from Tammy:  “The car was quiet on the way to take dad back.  Then he and I just bawled saying goodbye.  I waved to him standing in the yard crying and blowing kisses.”  My wonderful, tenderhearted brother.

Later this evening, Jon came over to see how we were doing and visited with Mama for a few minutes.

After Jon left, Mama came into the living room to sit with us and watch a little basketball on TV. 100_0460 About 10:00, she was tired and went to bed, while I played the keyboard that’s in the her room.  Kimberly will soon be picking it up and taking it back home.  I played until my wrists started hurting.

It’s 11:10 PM and Tammy just texted me from their plane change.  She and Emily are Seattle bound now.

Time to post this

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