Sunday, January 22, 2012

The old conservatism is the new Green

All things come back around.

History is repeated.

Usually for different reasons.

Frugaldom is a new word I’ve created.  It’s the world that Mama Trudy grew up in.  She is a product of The Depression Era. 

For example, she rarely throws away a plastic container, which is not a bad idea when you consider being Greener.  Of course, she doesn’t heat anything in the microwave in them.  But she does freeze leftovers in them.  I’m not at all opposed to reusing these plastic containers a few times.100_0299

This is where she stores the plastic lids.100_0298

And the subject of this picture motivated this blog post.  100_0297When Mama stores something in one of the recycled plastic containers, she takes a piece of masking tape and places it on the lid writing the name of the contents on the tape.  When she removes a container from the freezer or frig, she removes the tape label and attaches it to the side of the container where the lids are stored, to be used again.  She is the queen of recycling. 

Lest you think she forgot she already had a strawberries label, she stored two containers of strawberries at the same time.

C of M.R. Soup = cream of mushroom soup.

I just found this treasure stash…. I’ve been making new labels!!!

And throwing old ones in the trash!!! (Gasp!!)

I grew up in the next generation to the kingdom of frugality.  I remember washing plastic bread sacks and using them.  Mother “washes” aluminum foil and re-uses it.  She uses zip lock plastic bags until they spring a leak.  Rubber bands, twist ties… you never know when you might need them for something.

And no one saves the trees like Mama Trudy… do you want to talk about toilet paper?  No.  I didn’t think so, but I could.

What do you remember your parents or grandparents conserving?

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Talkin' Texan said...

Oh my goodness I love this post. I wish you could meet my mother. She just turned 70. Not that old but she knows how to recycle and she was doing in years before it was politically correct to do so. She keeps using the zip lock bags for YEARS AFTER they start leaking. She washes and reuses foil until it is as soft as tissue paper. And she uses the cardboard rolls left after the toilet paper is gone to hold her iron cord, blow dryer cord, curling iron cord... She washes out bleach bottles and turns them into water jugs for my dad. I could go on and on. She is quite a woman!