Friday, January 6, 2012

Mama Trudy update

Ok, I'm going to try to organize my thoughts for a Mama Trudy update. It’s been a busy day. We had 3 hospice personnel visits today, including the doctor. Both doctor and nurse insisted that Mama use the oxygen machine especially to help her get over this upper respiratory infection. She was up for awhile when they were here.

She is eating. Meds are helping with coughing. She has coughed so much and so hard that her chest is sore.

Listen. It's quiet. Praying she gets some good rest. We feel your prayers for all of us. God has faithfully provided Don's replacement and he is at peace about it and can't wait to get here. Will arrive the 18th. Having some really sweet times with my mama that I will cherish forever.

God bless you.

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