Monday, January 23, 2012

Kris update: Visions and Answered Prayers

Dearest Loved Ones and Friends!

There is just so much to tell you this time, I hope you will bear with me. We are excited and so is Kris and her family. In the last update (dated Jan. 11, 2012), you may remember we were waiting for the VA to set up Botox injections for Kris. This is to help Kris’s neck and the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult for her to work and raise her head up. So let me start there.

On Friday, Jan. 20th, Russell went with Kris to the new Audie Murphy Poly Trauma Center (that new addition to the huge VA hospital in San Antonio) for those Botox injections. This afternoon, one of the therapists who works with Kris every day at Country Care Manor sent the attached video. Please understand, Kris has a tremendous sense of humor and I can tell she was really going along with this little “show!” I do hope you can view it. It’s awesome!

Having said that, it gets better. On Monday, January 30th, Kris will finally be admitted to the Audie Murphy PTC for at least a month (we’re hoping longer!) of stringent therapy work on her communication as well as all of her motor skills through speech, occupational and physical therapies. Russell said he has given her a “pep” talk and we certainly have done that, too, over the phone many times. It will mean hard work and be intense. I think she is truly “up” for this and her depression has lessened tremendously. It is something for her to really see happening now, and I believe that’s the real “shot-in-the-arm” she has needed. It is just so difficult, however, knowing I cannot be there when she is admitted, but... I can’t. So Russell has assured me that he and Joshua will get her all packed up and moved efficiently. Okay, guys... I’m counting on you!!!

As I said, this has already given her something to really look forward to and see happening. It’s been a long time since she has seen progress on her behalf. Which brings up another subject: renovations to their home. Many have asked me about that so I’ve gone directly to the source of that information: Russell. He told me last week the architect seems to be dragging his feet and his builder hasn’t returned phone calls. Okay! If they don’t want the money, I’m sure someone does! Any of our prayer warriors in the San Antonio area know any good builders? Kris wants to come home, and she will need 24-hour care. Certain provisions must be made for her to live at home, and care will be necessary. It’s just that simple and... well, anyone up for the job and/or open to join her care program may want to give Russell a call. (How’s that for advertising?!!)

As I said, we’re excited but we are well aware none of the upcoming therapy and work to “come back” will be easy for Kris. But it’s another start, and it’s pulled her back up from despair. That’s an answer to a prayer in and of itself. Speaking of answers to prayers, let me share briefly this little story. George and I presented a gospel concert Sunday evening in Zephyrhills, Florida. After the concert, many people came to us to share their thoughts. One lady was so moved and took my hand. She kept talking on and on about “writing stuff down” and sharing with older people, and she complimented our ministry and, then, she looked at me and said... “I see your daughter! I see your daughter, Kris, right now and she is standing straight up.”

Of course, I was in tears by that time and we have shared the story with different ones, including our oldest daughter on the phone just yesterday. When we finished explaining about what had happened, she was moved, too. And then she said, “I can’t believe this, but I had a dream about Kris last night.” She said, “I was there with her and asked her if she wanted to take a bath.” Diana then said, “Kris made a face, as if to let me know she doesn’t want to, and then Kris said, ‘I don’t want to take a bath,’ and then she stood up.” Now this has nothing to do with Kris not wanting to bathe, believe me! But it has everything to do with “dreams” and Kris standing up and speaking.

George then told Diana something he had told me some time ago. It was after a gospel concert up in Kerrville, Texas back in August 2011. We were leaving the pastor and his wife who had invited us, when George recounted the “dream” he had the night before. He said he spoke to Kris as she sat in her wheelchair, and she suddenly spoke back to him, and then she stood up and walked toward him. The pastor’s wife was in tears, and she said, “...Your young men shall have visions; your old men shall dream dreams.” Joel 2:28 It was and is pretty powerful stuff!

Truly, we believe God is sending us “visions” and “dreams” to give us hope. He will hear our prayers and all of yours, and Kris will walk and talk one day soon. She is trying very hard even now to speak. So, as always, we praise an ever faithful God, and we thank you for your prayers, your love and your concerns.

Blessings and love in the Lord,

Carol and George


Since you are all such great prayer warriors and have shared our deep concerns for Kris for all these many months, we humbly make a special request. After a conversation with our son, John, on Sunday afternoon, and an email from his wife today, we decided to ask you to add one more name to your prayer lists: our 44-year old son, John Kline.

Some of you may recall he had a melanoma removed from the right side of his head two years ago, and he has had ongoing problems since then and has had to endure various procedures and surgeries. We’ve just learned he will undergo yet another surgery to remove a very painful “bundle” of nerve endings (called a neuroma) at the back of his neck. In addition, there appears to be some sort of lump next to the “bundling” and that should be removed at the same time. A biopsy will predict what will be done and what the outcome should be.

Once this surgery is complete, it is our prayer (as well as that of his wife and family) that John will be pain free for the first time in nearly two years. Your prayers for him, for the pending surgery, and for his complete recovery this time will be sincerely and deeply appreciated.

As always, blessings and thank you so much!

Carol and George

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