Friday, January 13, 2012

My family arrives!!!

Daughters Leslie and LaNae and families left the Dallas area last night about 9:00 PM and arrived at our door this morning at 8:15! Thank You, Jesus!

LaNae is threatening my life if I don’t put the camera away!! 100_0188

It’s so good to see them all.  Mama Trudy has been so excited to see them all.  It’s been at least two years since she has seen them. 

I had breakfast ready for them.  They ate.  Loved on Mama Trudy and then went to their rented cottage on the mountain for some shut-eye and showers.  They came back this afternoon.

Our little Emma was fascinated by the fireplace.100_0189

Camden is getting the typewriter treatment from his daddy.  He loves it.100_0191

Upside down tickle time.  Camden hollers and squirms and comes back for more in typical five year old boy fashion.100_0192

Son-in-law Khalil is in rare form today.  Must be all that road noise still roaring in his head. Confused smile  That’s my beautiful baby girl, LaNae.100_0200

Emma watching Camden playing a digi-game. Well, maybe she’s telling him how to play it. Winking smile100_0202

Cousin Sammy and his daughter, Sophie, arrive and the second cousins are all introduced for the first time. 

“And this is Camden.”100_0204

Sophie doesn’t know what to make of Khalil… weirdo.100_0205

My gorgeous first child, Leslie, and her hubby, Khalil.100_0206

My crazy son-in-law loves my equally crazy brother, Uncle Jon.100_0207

Sitting around eating dinner.100_0208100_0209

Rocket clowning for Nonna’s camera.  Can’t believe how much Blaine is growing up.  He’s so sweet.100_0211

Today is our Lydia’s 14th birthday.  I ordered a cake and ice cream for a party! Leslie lights the candles as Emma asks, “Is this a surprise party?”100_0212

Lydia, you better hurry and blow out those candles.  They sure are making a large flame. Notice the look on Camden’s face.100_0213

She kept blowing and blowing and they just wouldn’t got out.  Notice how smoky it is in the kitchen. Khalil got a mask so he could breathe.100_0216

Sophie entertains herself at her dad’s expense.  Very cute, isn’t he?100_0217

Sammy’s a good sport and a good dad.100_0218

We were sorry that Sophie’s mommy was sick and couldn’t come to the party.  Her teenage brothers also had other plans.

It’s wonderful to be together with family.  Mama Trudy loved watching the great-grands playing and she loved all the hugs she got.

It was a wonderful day!

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