Friday, February 10, 2012

Et Cetera, Et Cetera

I found a box today.  It contained pictures from my childhood, report cards, etc. etc. … labeled in Mama Trudy’s printing.100_0535

These are very small scraps of fabric that I had clothes made from.  Wait. These are scraps left over from the fabric that we made clothes for me from, not that I had dresses made from little scraps of fabric. Anyway, you understand.  I say, we made clothes, because I used to sew when I was younger.100_0536

You know, we are the family that finds humor in as many things as possible.  My brother asked, “Which ‘etc.’ is this piece of fabric filed under?”100_0537

It was at the point, that I became hysterical regarding the “etc., etc.” that Mama had printed on the outside of the box.  I know, you probably need to know my mama to find the humor here.  She’s just so stinking cute.

So, we take the box of scraps in to show Mama and by the end of her explanation as to how many things can be done with these scraps, I will now find it very difficult to discard them.  Very.  Did not happen today, that’s for sure.

The idea that sticks in my mind is making fluffy pillows and fluffy rugs by sewing these pieces of fabric very close together onto another larger piece of fabric or backing … these scrap pieces that are too small for anything.  To a creative mind, there is no such thing as “too small for anything.”

Her ideas are inventions of necessity, birthed during the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

It is a very creative mind that finds it impossible to throw anything away.

But my mama is still funny, “etc. etc.”

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