Sunday, February 26, 2012

I am so blessed

How did that happen? 

I am overwhelmed with emotion as I think about how God has “increased our territory.”  To me, territory translates into people and relationships.  My life has been so enriched and blessed by so many wonderful friends and acquaintances.  We call them Bakers’ blessings.  Each one has touched our hearts and lives in ways too numerous to count and I love how God will bring one, or two or more, to our mind at different times.  We want to always be ready to pray for them when that happens; it is no coincidence.

My blessings started when God chose my mother for me.  How important her role has been in my life.  Perhaps, because she lost her mother at the age of twelve, she understood deeper how important being a mother is.  I don’t know.  I just know that I am so blessed to be her daughter.  I cannot honor her enough.

Then God saw fit to give me two healthy, beautiful baby girls who have grown into amazing young women who have blessed me again with four fabulous grandchildren.

All along my life’s path, God has brought friends and beloved ones.  I love them all.

It’s because of mama’s love and encouragement, however,  that I am where I am today.  Mama prayed Don into my life.  I argued with God, but Mama’s prayers were stronger and wiser.2009 Jun 27 praying

It is because of Don that I have so many beloved friends around this world.  I am so blessed.

God bless my sweet husband, who has laid down his life to allow me to be with my precious mama at this time in her life.  God bless him as he goes to church this morning without me.

And God bless him for putting on this pot of chili that smells so good right now as it cooks on this cool Georgia morning.

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Norm and Lori said...

Dear LaVon,

We are blessed by your's and Don's friendship...We also feel that God put us in each others paths, on that Sunday, in Kansas...what a God we serve, and how He provides for each of us in His own way...and His timing is always all things.

Love you lots and miss you more.