Saturday, March 3, 2012

It’s Southern….

and it’s just plain old GOOD.  Larapin, even.  We enjoyed this today, at Don’s request.

But pay attention, the recipe is difficult and exact.


For a skillet full of comfort, this recipe takes two skillets.  In the first skillet, pan fry about three or four potatoes that have been sliced to your desired thickness/thinness and salted.  My oil of choice is extra virgin olive oil.

Set potatoes to the side.

While potatoes are cooking, begin to brown about a pound of lean ground meat in a large skillet.  I love my skillet with the dome lid.  I season the ground meat with season salt, a little extra garlic powder, a little extra onion powder and black pepper.

When the crumbled ground meat is done, add a half large cabbage cut up on top of the ground meat.  Mix the cabbage, bringing the ground meat up from the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t over cook while the cabbage is cooking.  Cover and let the cabbage steam on medium low heat.


When it looks like the picture above, mix in the fried potatoes. 100_0641

This is a whole meal in one pan or you can add anything that sounds good to you.

Trust me… it’s so good. Not to mention, fast and easy.

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