Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating the 38th anniversary of my baby’s birth!

Born just past midnight on March 27, 1974.

My precious second born, Teri LaNae, three days old:1974-Mar-30---LaNae-3-days-old_thumb

LaNae & big sister, Leslie (is she going to punch her?)1974----LaNae--Leslie-600-dpi4_thumb

So cute at three months old.1974----LaNae--600-dpi2_thumb3

Christmas 1974, holding on to Mama Trudy’s robe.  This is an A.M. photo… no sparkle. Who me? Sweet baby has never been a morning person.1974-Christmas---LaNae-holding-Mama-[1]

Giving her Mama Trudy good love at one year old.1975-Mar-23---Mama-Trudy--LaNae-600-[1]

One year birthday picture with Mama Trudy.  Another sweet dress made by Mama Trudy.1975-Mar-27---Mama-Trudy-LaNae-1st-b

Playing with Leslie at 18 months. Having too much fun! Already, we began to recognize her sense of humor.  She still makes us laugh to this day.1975-Sept-11-LaNae--Leslie-600-dpi_t

Leslie, almost 4 and LaNae, 2.  My precious girls.1976-Spring---Leslie--LaNae---so-cut[2]

1977 – 3rd birthday – Such sparkle… my baby has sparkle, always has, always will.1977-March----LaNae-600-dpi2_thumb1

1978 – 4th birthday. She made a haul!!1978-March-27---LaNae-is-4-dpi-6001_

1979 – 5 years old – No wonder I loved taking pictures of my girls… they posed so perfectly.  That darling outfit was a gift from Mama Trudy.. pink gingham blouse and patchwork print skirt with a lace ruffle on the bottom over a pink gingham underskirt.  So adorable.1980---LaNae-5-yrs600-dpi_thumb1

1980 – 6 years old. I have posted this picture before because it’s one of my favorites.  Sporting her new hair-do that was so cute on her.1980-Aug---LaNae-6-yrs600-dpi_thumb3

My all time favorite picture of my baby girl, taken by me.LaNae-in-hat-1_thumb1

1981 – count the candles.1981-Mar-27---LaNae-7-yrs-600-dpi_th

1983 – 9th birthday – By this time she has long passed her sister, Leslie, in height.  This is the year she started playing basketball.1983-LaNae-9-yrs600-dpi2_thumb1

1984 – 10 years old – I look at this picture and see Blaine, my grandson.  It’s uncanny, the resemblance.1984---LaNae-10-yrs-600-dpi_thumb1

1986 – 12 years old. – Sparkle.1986---LaNae-600-dpi_thumb1

And all of a sudden, she was a senior in high school, which was so much fun and she had blossomed into the beautiful young lady we all saw happening with each passing year… it passed much to quickly.Sr-pic.bmp-1_thumb1

Followed by four years at the University of Oklahoma getting her degree in sociology and playing basketball, which also is a blur and so much fun.

Before I knew it, I was blessed with my first two grandchildren, who have grown up so quickly.100_0641_thumb1100_0656_thumb2

Where has the time gone???

LaNae, I am so proud of you and the woman you have become. You are a joy to my life, my heart and my soul.

Lydia, 14; LaNae, 38; Blaine, 10image_thumb4

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! image_thumb6

Thirty-eight. How can that be? You are so beautiful. I am so blessed.

It’s currently 11:44 PM March 26 and I’m having ghost labor pains and remembering walking all over the mall in Corsicana, Texas, for hours before going to the hospital with you. I had dilated to 5 cm when I walked into the hospital about 9:00 PM. The nurse wanted to know how I got up to OB/delivery and where was my wheelchair. “I walked.. rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor.” Also, remembering Colleen DuBose, the admittance clerk who, after she got off work, came up to delivery to be with me when you were born. I worked with her at the clinic and admitting patients to the hospital was her second job. Being with Mama Trudy these last few months has really got me walking down memory lane.


It is now March 27th!

Have a super fabulous day, LaNae!


Anonymous said...

Well I feel like I just got out of my own funeral because I'm crying like a baby! I'm so blessed today! Thank you mom! I love you! Nae

Rita Shaw said...

What a beautiful pictorial tribute to LaNae...............I do remember her so much at some of those stages of her life.....she must have been 6-foot-tall at birth...LOL! Happy Birthday to LaNae.....

Snookie said...

It was even better the second time!