Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Things Moon Pie

Guess where Moon Pies are made? 

Chattanooga, Tennessee!

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The history of the Chattanooga factory is very interesting, especially if you enjoy Moon Pie and RC Cola in your past.


Here you will find how Moon Pie got it’s name:


So, on our date today, Don and I stopped by the Moon Pie General Store located in downtown Chattanooga.100_0587100_0580100_0581100_0582

This reminded Don of his childhood when his dad and mom owned a service station in Oklahoma and all the Moon Pies and RC Cola’s he had.100_0583100_0584100_0585100_0586

Of course, Don couldn’t leave without purchasing a couple of Moon Pies.  Did you know they have strawberry, and orange AND PEANUT BUTTER Moon Pies now? 

We don’t much care for the orange Moon Pie.

Do you remember this song?

>>> The RC Cola and Moon Pie song <<<

Oh, by the way… can you believe it’s March 1 already?

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