Monday, April 2, 2012

Don’t look if…

… you have a queasy stomach.

I didn’t post the incident that occurred in my daughter’s house on St. Patrick’s Day evening, but as Leslie said, “the Coltrain’s really know how to do up St. Patrick’s Day in true and tough Irish fashion.”  No, grandson Camden wasn’t in a pub brawl, but it looks like it. (And you wonder why we call him Diesel???) He and a friend collided and the result was three loose teeth, with one missing completely and a swollen lip.  Friend got a bloody nose for his contribution.image

I tell you all of that to tell you this story:

So… that night, Camden put that tooth under his pillow. The next morning, in true Tooth Fairy fashion, there was five one dollar bills under his pillow. FIVE DOLLARS?!? … for a tooth.  Wow! Tooth Fairy was feeling generous.  Anyway, I said as much to Camden’s dad, Khalil (K-Lee) and he said, “Well, compensation for pain and loss of blood had to be considered.”

Now, Camden and Emma each have two jars in their rooms… one jar for tithes and one jar for savings.  Of any money they receive, at least ten percent goes into the jar.  Khalil explained to Camden, who is five years old, that fifty cents is ten percent of five dollars,

“you don’t have fifty cents, but you have five one dollar bills; what do you want to do?”

Camden: “Well, I want to put two dollars in the tithe jar and two dollars in the savings jar.”

Khalil:  “OK, great, but that leaves one dollar; what are you going to do with that dollar?”

Camden:  “Hmmm. I think I need that dollar in my pocket.”

Khalil (trying to keep a straight face):  “You do?  You think you need that in your pocket?”

Camden nods an affirmative reply as he shoves the dollar in his pocket.

Khalil: “Why do you need that dollar in your pocket?”

Camden: “Well, I just might need a snack today at school.”

That’s our growing red-headed Diesel... he’s all about the food!

And by the way, he’s very proud of that hole in his mouth; could not wait to get to school to show everyone.  And I wonder how many times he told the story about finding FIVE ONE DOLLAR BILLS under his pillow that morning? 

How many parents are now saying, sarcastically,  “Way to go, Coltrain Tooth Fairy.  Thanks a lot?” Nyah-Nyah

On a side note from Nonna and Poppa Doppey:  We love how Khalil and Leslie are teaching our grand-children the value of tithing.  God is very pleased with a generous heart.  We are thrill that our grandchildren want to learn and do what pleases God.

UPDATE:  [posted by Leslie on Facebook tonight!]

”Guess who lost the other tooth tonight? Clotheslined by the infield rope at the middle school track meet. He's so proud. Such a boy!”


Dear Tooth Fairy,

My grandson, Camden, lost another tooth last night.  I’m sure if you look in the grass at the football/track field where he lost it, you’ll find it and he will find your reward under his pillow in the morning.  Thanks so much,


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