Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snippets of her transition into Glory

I have prayed that God would allow me to be present in the room when Mama Trudy sees her mother. 

As her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she begin to smile and wave, I asked her, “Mama, who do you see?”


“Gracie?” I asked, “Your mother, Gracie?”

“Yes, Mama,” she replied almost in a whisper.

She was talking to me but she was not taking her eyes of of her mother, who had died when Mama Trudy was twelve years old.

Thank you, Father.

Later, as I sat by her side on her bed, she begin to smile and look around me.  “Who are you smiling at, Mama?”

“I think it’s Joanie,” she said, almost amazed.

I asked, “Joanie?  Joanie who?”

Like, how many Joanie’s do you know, she said, “Don’s first wife, Joanie!”  She raised her hand and waved to Joanie as I slipped to the hall and to Don who was sitting in his recliner, I asked, “Did you hear that?”

“I did! Tell her to tell Joanie ‘Hi’ for us.”

I went back to Mama and said, “Mama, tell Joanie HI for us.”

Immediately, she said, “Oh, don’t put that on me.”

Whatever did she mean by that?  But I said, “Ok, Mama, it’s ok, you don’t have to tell her that.”

As I reflected, it suddenly dawned on me that Mama did not want to be the one to tell Joanie that Don had re-married and I just had to smile.  That’s my mama. 

At one point during her “parade,” Mama raised her hand and said, “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.”  She was asking someone to forgive her for something she thought she had done wrong.

Another time, she said, with all the love you can imagine, “It’s ok.  It’s alright.”  She forgave someone.

It seemed that God was allowing her to take care of all the things that she needed to take care of and I was witnessing this amazing thing.

There were humorous times like the time she raised her hands and said very sternly, “Calm down!  Everybody, just calm down!”  I guess the saints gathering to welcome her Home were getting a little excited.  I imagined the Father telling all of the characters in the Bible to gather to welcome Mama Trudy home… the lady who has read about them every years since 1967.  Of course, she would not recognize them from this earth, but she soon will know each one by face and name!

Another time, she sat up, very strongly, using the bar rail on her bed, even in her weak state, and raised her hands and said, “Jesus!” .. like she saw Him.. “Now!  Take me now!!”

Not yet, my Beloved, not yet.  You’re right.  Your daughter isn’t ready.

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