Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gulf Port and Pass Christian

Rick and Wendy know Don so well and they know what will make him happy, so they got us in their car and headed south to Gulf Port and the Gulf!



In Pass Christian, I took this picture of a building foundation that was the only the left after Katrina.  Gulf Port and Pass Christian were the worst hit by the winds of hurricane Katrina.  Many beautiful old ante bellum  homes were destroyed.  So sad.100_0259

A pretty pair.100_0262

“Would someone turn on some music?  We’d like to dance.”100_0263

This official looking boat pulled out as we were parking to eat.  All of the guys were dressed alike in dark outfits.100_0267

Lunch at Shaggy’s.100_0268 Shaggy's for lunch

Family sitting out on the deck. Kids were so cute and being photographed by their mom.100_0271

The view from the window.  Old Glory always catches my eye.  It’s just beautiful.100_0273

So you think he’s about to kiss her?  Wrong.  He just doesn’t want to look at the camera.100_0274

But I’m patient. 100_0275

It’s so good to be with these very special friends.  We are so blessed.  It’s just crazy.

The wind was blowing so hard and I needed a cap, but the only one I have with me is this dinky little black knit job.  Oh, well, I’m so tired and I’m so happy to be with my man on the road again, I don’t really care what’s on my head.100_0276


We each had a shrimp poboy that was really tasty and then we shared this bananas foster cheesecake.  Hmmm.  Guess it was pretty tasty, also.100_0279 Bananas Foster Cheesecake... well, it was

Our cute little waitress stood on a stool to take our picture.100_0280

I wonder if this boat has been like this since Katrina?100_0281


Finally, Don is where he wants to be… on the beach!100_0284100_0287100_0288

Hey, let’s take off our sandals and see how warm/cold the water is.100_0289You know, if we walked to right there and then took one more step, it looks really deep!100_0290

What do you mean, you can’t swim??? I can’t swim!!  A lot of good you would be if I fell in!  We better stay out of the water!!100_0291

It was cold!

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