Monday, April 9, 2012

It’s a Parade!

God made last night and this early morning very special. It seems that Mama's "life flashing before her eyes" has been an endless parade and I have been blessed as she hollers, smiles, waves and talks to people from her life as she sees them. Oh how her face lights up when she recognizes them.

Today, Mama called me to her bedside, pulling me down to softly say: “I don't think you're ready.”
Me: I am, Mama, I am ready for you to go be with Jesus.
Mama: You are? You want me to go be with Jesus? (look of wonder and utter joy on her face and in her eyes, smiling)
Me: Yes, Mama, you have been here long enough... It's about time for you to go...... I'm going to miss you.
Mama, throwing up her hand: Now don't start that!
Me: I know, mama, I will be ok, but I AM going to miss you.
Mama, with a grin and eyes just twinkling: Well, I'm NOT going to miss you!!
We both laughed because we know and understand that she will be too busy to miss anyone! Glory Hallelujah!

Exactly why I stay by her side until I am exhausted... I don't want to miss one moment of what is commonly called "one's life flashing before their eyes" .... for our precious Mama, it has been a parade! I have prayed for wisdom and knowing that I need rest is part of that... so, check y'all later. Hoping this is intermission time for Mama, too. I just don't want to miss any part of her parade. Smile

I have gained a new insight into the glorious passing of God's children.  I just may write a book one day.

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