Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Day After: Family Day

Today dawned clear… above the fog.100_0169100_0171100_0172100_0177

At 9:30 this morning, the family still remaining in the area, bombarded Cracker Barrel.  We filled two tables and our waitresses were wonderful.100_0178

Cousins and our grandchildren, Lydia and Camden.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute with those two front teeth missing, because he’s sure going to be without them for a long time.100_0179

Lydia’s mom and my beautiful baby girl, LaNae, with her fiancé, Jimmy. 100_0181

Camden & Emma’s mom, Leslie, and Lydia & Blaine’s mom, LaNae.  My beautiful daughters. 100_0183

Sweet Emma.100_0184Cousins, Aly, Blaine, and Jamey.  Actually, Jamey is Aly’s uncle and Blaine’s second cousin.  Aly and Blaine are third cousins???  Their mom’s are first cousins.  They are second cousins to each other’s mom and third cousins to each other.  Whew!100_0185

Tired old me and my first grandchild, Lydia, who has blossomed into a gorgeous young lady who we are so proud of.100_0187

“Fresh Baked” aptly describes how Emily has felt all week.  She was in such pain yesterday, we didn’t think she would make it to the Celebration.  She has a mystery pain in her right side, but not in the right position to be her appendix.  "fresh baked" aptly describes how Emily was feeling

The Faces of Ken, my very favorite nephew-in-law…100_0188100_0195

My beautiful favorite niece, Tammy, and her hubby, Ken.  I am rather pleased at how this pictured turned out, but really couldn’t go wrong with these subjects.100_0196

Blaine, Emily and Tammy.  (Sorry, Tammy… not my best picture taking.)100_0197

Cousins, Camden & Blaine.  Our sweet grandsons.100_0198

“It’s my move!”100_0199

From Cracker Barrel, we made our way to Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery to take a few pictures.100_0200100_0212

My brother, Jonny, checking things out.100_0201Everything looks good.100_0202

Aunt to Frieda and sister to Nella Faye.100_0203

I am so happy they put this at the head of Mama’s grave… from Aunt Nella and family.100_0204


Jimmy and LaNae100_0206

Flowers photograph so much better in natural light.100_0207





Aly, Blaine & Sophie.100_0220

Great granddaughters, Lydia & Emma.100_0221


Great-grandchildren: Emma, Blaine and Camden.  Blaine and Camden are busy taking pictures.100_0222

Emma and Sophie100_0223


Emily, Tammy & Emma.100_0225

Camden is taking a really close up of something.100_0224

Great granddaughter, Emma.100_0226-001

Granddaughter LaNae and great-granddaughter, Alyson (Aly).100_0230

Great granddaughter, Sophia.100_0227

Granddaughters to Mama Trudy and cousins, Leslie & Tammy.100_0228

Great grandchildren, Emily (the oldest) and Camden (the youngest).100_0229


Son and granddaughter to Mama Trudy. Uncle & niece to each other.  My brother, Jon & my Leslie.100_0232

Great granddaughter and daughter to Mama Trudy.  Great niece and aunt to each other.  Aly and me.100_0235


Great granddaughter and daughter to Mama Trudy.  Granddaughter and grandmother to each other.  Emma and Nonna.100_0236100_0238


Crazy old lady.100_0239




Great granddaughter and son-in-law to Mama Trudy.  Granddaughter Lydia and Papa Don to each other. 100_0242


Mama Trudy’s headstone has been ordered, but will be several weeks in arriving.100_0243

I sure hope we can all get together again before five years have passed.

Why did I not get one good picture of Ben today????  Ok, here’s a cropped shot of great grandson, Benjamin Circeo.100_0240-001

He’s so handsome and I’m very upset with myself that I didn’t get a better picture of Ben.100_0106

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