Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bossier City to Waco

By 8:00 AM, we were pulling out of our hotel and heading down Interstate 20, west.100_0313

A river.  No, maybe it was a creek.  I don’t remember.Guadalupe River - Hwy 77

A dead tree.100_0319

Corsicana, Texas.  Spent lots of time in this town when I was growing up.  Both of my girls were born in this town.100_0321

Main Street, Corsicana.  Have cruised this street many times.  Is cruising still popular?  I guessed it’s been replaced by a digital something or other.Main Street, Corsicana, TX

The only time Mama Trudy work outside our home was one Christmas season when I was in high school, she worked here.100_0323

Somewhere between Corsicana and Waco.100_0325

I just love horses. Aren’t they beautiful?100_0327

Feels like home.100_0328

We got to Waco middle of the afternoon and got checked into our hotel… thanks to Khalil’s cousin, Courtney, who works for Marriot and thanks to Khalil and Leslie for our room for the night.

After checking in, we went to Leslie’s and unloaded the U-Haul into their garage and Don took the trailer to turn it in.

After Emma got out of school, it was tumbling day and I drove across the street from the hotel to watch her.  How cute is she?!! Tiny little thing.100_0330

Finally, dinner at Bush’s Chicken.  We all love us some Bush’s fried chicken and fried gizzards.  I know.  Good stuff.  Emma, waiting for her chicken.100_0336

The kids came over to the hotel to visit and then it was bedtime for the kiddos.

We will be pulling out early in the morning headed to the Rio Grande Valley to reunite with the Q~~!!

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