Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So much love…

100_0074This is the greeting Mama desires every time Jonny comes, which is at least once every day and the same hug I get every night and every morning.  She wants to make sure she has showed us her love is this happens to be the day Jesus takes her hand and leads her Home.100_0076

Shortly afterward, the nurse arrived.  The nurse, my brother and I were in her room. She needed a little feminine privacy so to Jonny she said, "Are you the only man in the room?"

"yes ma'am"

"Would you step out for a minute, please?”

She just makes us laugh.

She's still with us. Sleeps 4 hours. Wakes up and is very lucid. Talks to us. Makes us laugh, usually. I tend to what needs to be tended to. She takes her meds. Sleeps again. We weep a little and wait for her to wake again or go Home to her Lord Jesus.
Today she smiled at something just to my right.
"Mama, what you smiling about?"
Mama said, "There's a little girl by you with her head on your shoulder."
I have a grandchild in heaven; she has a great-grandchild waiting to be held and adored by Mama Trudy.

I now have a picture in my mind and heart that I will never forget.  Thank you, Mama and thank You, Lord, for this blessed gift.

Grace and Mercy have chased me down to bless me with this amazing experience.

You, friends, are all an enormous encouragement and support to me. God bless you all. Having this network of friends is such a blessing and comfort. It is very helpful to me to be able share Mama Trudy with you all. She's too special to keep to myself. Her nurse told me today that in all her years as a hospice nurse only one other patient affected her the way Ms. Trudy has. Within 5 minutes of entering her presence, they all love her. She's the main topic at their staff meetings. Touching lives to the very end..... And beyond, I have no doubt.

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