Friday, December 14, 2012

Wise men seek Jesus…

Reading this started a flood of revelations in my mind and heart. (I encourage you to read it, as well. Otherwise, this blog won’t make a lot of sense. Read it now.)

First, I looked at the length of the article and wondered, almost subconsciously, if I would finish it. My attention span has always been a bit hard to corral. But I did read it to the end, soaking it up.  Which led me to wonder why or how I could do that.  (You know, our society tends to absorb only in short increments.) So, I thought back many years. (I’m 63.)
My dear mother went Home in April and I seem to spend a lot of time reflecting on her influence in my life. As a child, I remember our little family sitting around the living room listening to a couple of radio preachers. (Lester Roloff from Corpus Christi and Bro. Connally from Kingsport, Tennessee are two I remember vividly.)  I was expected to sit still and listen.  As I think about it, I learned to do this more by my mother's example than by her telling me to "be still and listen."  Because of this, I believe, throughout my life, anytime I entered a church or heard a preacher, I always came away with something.  Why? Because I learned to always expect to receive something.  I listened intently and God has been faithful and has never let me down, even when others walked away saying negative things about a preacher or sermon.
I firmly believe that if I am listening to the man, I won't get a thing out of it, but if I am listening to God, God will deliver, even from the worst of speakers.
So, thank you again, Mama, for your example of “seeking God.”  You had your hands full keeping me still, but it paid off and I am so thankful for all I have learned because of you.

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Sharon said...

I learned this attitude as a child (my father was a Godly man) and I know (from experience) that it doesn't matter how good or bad the preacher or the service - God always has a message there for each person.