Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day started with me bounding out of bed to get on Skype with Pook and Diesel. (I was so excited to see our grandkids, I forgot to weigh.. it’s Tuesday, my weighing day) Seeing Pook and Diesel was so fun and they are so excited about their coming trip to Disney World in a few days!

I love their excitement… well, Pook is excited… Diesel is hilariously so male.

The rest of the day we spent quietly and went to the park club house/hall at 4:00 PM for Christmas dinner.  This is our table.P1000412

Jerry, activity director, is directing the activity.P1000413

Don is about to ask the blessing before eating begins. I took this picture and bowed my head; as you can see by the slight blur, I was in a hurry. In loveP1000414

All of the placemats were made by one lady in the park during the summer.  Everyone gives her old Christmas cards and she cuts them out and cuts out the colored paper to make these:P1000415


There was a hall full of folks, but not as many as at the Thanksgiving dinner as some have gone home for the holiday.  This picture shows only a portion of the attendees.P1000417

One of my favorite buddies, Russ.  He’s such a cut-up. He’s got knee replacement surgery coming up in January, so all prayers are appreciated.Russ

Can you believe it?  I won a door prize!!I won a door prize!!It was this cute Christmas mug full of candy!P1000463

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