Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chili Day

Just remembering my morning with little Maggie, yesterday. I had to take 5 pictures before I got one where she wasn’t kissing me!2012-12-029IMG_2093[1]

Don has been sneezing and I just didn’t feel up to par, so we started our morning today with a little preventiveness.IMG_2116[1]

Yesterday, I picked up our mail here in the park and we had a box from Stephanie.

Don is hungry for chili today.  A few days back, Don had said something to the effect of, “I can’t find my favorite chili seasoning out here,” and being the observant daughter that she is….IMG_2120[1]

purchased said seasoning and sent it to her dad for Christmas!IMG_2121[1]

So, my chef begin playing, getting ready for chili and football watching.IMG_2123[1]

And the cooking began!IMG_2127[1]It was the best chili I have ever eaten!!

Stephanie also sent gift cards!  The nook for Don and the iBooks for me! IMG_2125[1]

Also, in the mail was this card from our dear friends that we miss so much, Dennis and Sally.  We love this, y’all!!StarThumbs upIMG_2151[1]

Our kids, Leslie, Khalil, Pook and Diesel are on their way to Florida today, driving, so I did my best to entertain them with jokes posted on FaceBook.  Here’s one: (if you click on it, it might be larger and easier to read.)IMG_2143[1]

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