Thursday, December 27, 2012

Surgery day

Barb’s surgery was scheduled at 7:30 AM, so we arrived before 7:00 to see her and pray with her before she left for the operating room.

When we arrived, the desk clerk said it would be a few minutes until we could go back where Barb and Darrell were. 

I walked around while waiting and took a few pictures of the beautiful paintings and artwork that adorn the walls in The Cancer Treatment Center of America here in Goodyear, Arizona.painting in the Cancer Treatment Center of AmericaP1000441P1000442P1000443

Don waited in the waiting lounge.P1000444

In just a bit, we were summoned and went back to see Barb and Darrell.  This is the room where they were waiting.  Barb wouldn’t let me take her picture and I respected that even though she looked great. You can see the top of her sweet head.P1000445

This mural is beautiful.P1000446

Darrell was so tired. They didn’t sleep much last night, what with their bathroom door being locked and having to get someone to get it unlocked and just the general pre-surgery stuff.Darrell was so tired.

We had not been back in the waiting lounge long when an attendant came and informed Darrell that Maggie, their little Yorkie, was having a fit back in the hotel room. I wasn’t about to allow Darrell to leave the hospital, so I drove across the street and stayed with Maggie until the guys came when Barb was in recovery, about four hours.

When I got to the hotel room, I stood outside the door and could not hear a thing and when I opened the door, the cute little thing just looked at me… didn’t even bark. The desk clerk said that the people next door said she had barked all night long, which was a lie (Barb and Darrell were with her all night), and that they were so concerned for her. (Yeah, right.) Sounds like they were looking for a free night!

Maggie and I went for a long walk outside and then we played and played with her toy. I even made a video of her!

Maggie is a star!!! (The muffled talking you hear is the the TV.)

P1000449After all the playing, Maggie was tired.Maggie played hard and was very tired.

I am thrilled to report that Barb’s surgery went great and the surgeons are almost 100% certain that she will not even require follow-up treatments.  The biopsy will be ready after the 1st of the year.

Don and I enjoyed a date night at the Black Angus in Goodyear.  We are just so happy for Barb and Darrell and praying for her speedy recovery.P1000450

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