Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

A few of us from our park went to the local Methodist church to support one of our own as she participated in their Christmas pageant.

While waiting for the pageant to begin, I took pictures.

I loved this one.P1000387

The pulpit area of the church.P1000388

The tree was beautiful in blue and silver decorations.P1000389P1000390P1000391

Here’s our group:  front row.. Don & Peggy and Sally & Dennis (talking to my Don); second row.. Norm & Helen and Don. (Is Norm blowing in Helen’s ear or trying to kiss her???)Don & Peggy, Sally & Dennis. Norm & Helen Agan, Don

(You decide.) AlienDon & Peggy, Sally & Dennis. Norm & Helen Agan, Don

Here’s a better picture of Dennis.P1000394P1000398P1000399

This sweet picture was shown on the big screen during the reading of the Christmas story.P1000403

Program front.P1000405

The candlelight service begins.P1000406P1000407P1000409Helen Agan


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