Thursday, December 6, 2012

Payson and The Natural Bridge

It’s a great day to go see a little bit of Arizona!  Our destination:  Payson, Arizona.  Only about 75 miles from the Q.  When we got to the motel, Don asked the desk clerk what we needed to see in the area and she said….. P1000135

We have never seen an outside cave before!  Fascinating. Outside cave

The Natural Bridge. The Natural Bridge

That’s me standing on the Natural Bridge.Standing on the Natural Bridge

We walked quite a bit and I climbed some steep trails.P1000160

What was I thinking?what was I thinking?

We would like to come back to this place again.

Back at the motel, we got a phone call from Norm and Helen and we all made plans for them to pick us up for dinner and a little sightseeing.

When we got to their home in Strawberry, I took a few pictures and they showed us their home.

Don with Helen and Norm Agan.P1000215-001

Norm sure knew how to make us laugh.  P1000216-001

Part of our tour was up on the top of the ridge overlooking Strawberry as the sun was setting. Strawberry, AZ

Sunset was beautiful.P1000227

Visiting up on the mountainOur tour guides, Norm & Helen Agan

Next they took us to see the most decorated house, probably in Arizona.  Thousands and thousands of lights at the home of Norm and Helen’s friends.P1000242

I’m not sure how many years these folks have been decorating like this for Christmas, but it’s been a while. P1000243 P1000246 P1000250

The lighted cross above the manger is actually on a hill several feet behind the nativity scene and was added about three years ago to depict that when Jesus was born, the Cross was in His view and why He was born.P1000253

We had a great time and will go back to Norm and Helen’s for brunch in the morning.

It’s colder up here in the mountains than it is in the desert valley.

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