Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday’s Here

Don and I get to the hall where church is held each Sunday morning, about 9:00 AM. We set up the chairs and prepare the area for our worship service.

While we waited for folks to arrive, I took a few shots of the Christmas tree in the hall.P1000362P1000363P1000364P1000365

Don over-did while setting up chairs and lost all of his energy.  I was a bit concerned about him and asked friend Dennis to pray with Don before church started.  His prayer blessed our hearts and God heard and once more was faithful to strengthen Don as he preached.P1000367

That’s Dennis and Sally on the end of the front row.P1000368You can imagine our delight when we met Dennis and Sally.  We have now have two sets of friends by that name! And both are from Oklahoma.

Tonight, we enjoyed a Candlelight Service in the hall with almost one hundred folks in attendance. We had ours tonight so folks in the park would be free to attend a church outside the park on Christmas Eve.

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