Thursday, December 20, 2012

Arizona Opry

NoPo and LoPo aka Norm and Lori Post, came today and we all went to the Arizona Opry tonight.P1000298

That’s the back wall behind Don and I.  The place was packed for their Christmas show and our table was the back table, but we could still see just fine.P1000300

The meal served before the show was really good.  Here’s my piece of untouched chocolate cake.P1000304

The folks at the table adjoining our table brought their 92 year old mother to the show.  They said her favorite part of the night is the chocolate cake! During the break, I started talking to Marilyn while her family was gone and she was just the cutest. I want to adopt her. She’s from upstate New York, but has been in Arizona for 60 years. She was also a professional tap dancer and her fingers still dance to the music. She had trouble keeping her feet still, also.  I gave her my chocolate cake to take home so she could enjoy it the next day. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ate it before she went to bed.Marilyn, 92, ex-professional tap dancer from upper NY.  Been in AZ for 60 years. Gave her my chocolate cake to take home with her.


The Arizona Opry is a very entertaining show and we had a great time with LoPo and NoPo.

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