Monday, December 24, 2012

Her Legacy Lives On..

The treasured ornament, hanging on our little appropriately labeled tree, was created by my niece, Tammy.P1000360

Of course there is a story here.

This is the famous picture that is my FaceBook cover picture. The date was January 25, 2012, and I was standing just outside mama’s bedroom door. She did not know that I had taken this picture.2012-1-25

On March 23, I took this picture. Even in her last four months of life on this earth, Mama missed reading her Bible very few days.2012-3-23

The picture taken on January 25 was a favorite among family and friends, so much so that her first granddaughter scrapbooked it and had the page printed and framed for Mama’s Celebration of Life. deru12-4611

And the story continues. Said oldest granddaughter had keepsakes shipped to her home in Washington and as she sifted through Mama Trudy’s Treasures, she found a box full of mementos that spoke volumes about her legacy: tiny little personal Bibles full of verses of comfort, assurance and salvation.P1000454


A sinner’s prayer:P1000460

On the back cover, a verse of assurance:P1000462

Tammy knew exactly what she would do with these little Bibles and her creative mind went to work on a Mama Trudy Legacy 2012 Christmas ornament for Mama Trudy’s family.P1000455

It is just precious to me, indescribably.P1000456

On the back of the cover Tammy created she “pinned:”photo by LaVon, edited by Tammy, lovingly appreciated by us all”photo taken by LaVon, edited by Tammy, lovingly appreciated by us all”


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