Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Barb & Darrell…

We are headed to Goodyear to see friends, Barb and Darrell Howard. Barb has been diagnosed with cancer and is going to have surgery at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Goodyear.  Today and tomorrow will be testing and lab work and surgery is scheduled for next week. We are certainly praying for a very successful surgery.

Enroute to Goodyear on the 202, we went through a long tunnel.P1000331

It is a beautiful day today.P1000327

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is an amazing place.Cancer Treatment Center of America, Goodyear, AZP1000333P1000334

I found Geneviève, the giraffe, in the gift shop.P1000336

And Guiseppe, her friend.P1000337

The cafeteria prepares very healthy meals.P1000340

Darrell, Don and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.  We felt really bad eating when Barb couldn’t join us because of tests she’s having this afternoon.Lunch with Barb & Darrell Howard00

Update:  Picture of Don & I that Barb recently posted on FaceBook… lunch with Barb & Darrell at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Goodyear, AZ

They took us on a tour of the second floor.P1000342



Darrell and Don, catching up.P1000349

It’s always a joy to see Barb and Darrell, but we are not a fan of the circumstances that surround their visit here. Following all the tests today, the prognosis for Barb is very good and we are all very thankful.P1000351

Pictures around the campus.P1000352P1000353

Headed back to the Q.P1000357

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