Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Remembering the Reason for the Season all year!

My BFF (I’m allowed more than one BFF), Snookie Quinn posted on FaceBook:

gratitude jar

I loved this so much that I showed it to Don. 

Don loved it, too, and then told me about something he had just read in Guidepost.  A family wrote their “random acts of kindness” and other good deeds on pieces of paper all through the year, kept them in a place such as a jar like the one above, and on Thanksgiving evening, they put their written notes in a box, wrapped it in the most beautiful paper and decorated it with ribbons and bows… And on the gift tag, they wrote:


This really got my creative juices flowing and I begin to think of the many ways a family could present their “notes” to Jesus.

Each family member could wrap their own individual gift to Jesus and place it under the

On Christmas Day, after the Christmas Story is read from the Bible, each gift would be opened and each note read out loud.


This tradition would cause the children, and the whole family, to think about others all year in the preparation of their gift to Jesus.


What a wonderful teaching tool!

What a tremendous way to remember all through the year that Jesus is indeed the reason for the season.

All through the month of December, the month that we are typically thinking about giving, wouldn’t it be fun to do secret “random acts of kindness” and put those notes in another gift box or gift jar for Jesus and place it under the tree on Christmas Eve!?! So many ideas!


There’s a surprise under this tree…


Click on the Christmas tree in the picture above and enjoy and celebrate Jesus Christ, our Lord!

[Most of the pictures in this post are credited to Nate Kay, photographer.]

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