Friday, December 7, 2012

Strawberry and Pine time

When we arrived at Norm and Helen’s, Norm was making the homemade biscuits he’d promised Don.  Norm is a professional baker, if I haven’t already mentioned that.Norm making homemade biscuits

Norm also made sausage gravy and scrambled eggs with veggies was a joint effort with Helen.P1000259

My lean and green breakfast. The plate of wonderful, flaky biscuits was sitting right next to me and I resisted!  Must have been the power of God because it sure wasn’t by my power.  I love their dishes… strawberries for Strawberry, Arizona.Eggs florentine were delicious

Norm showed us a “clock” he made.  I love it!P1000264

The eagle in the fore is quite unique. another look at the eagle balanced on it's beak

It’s balanced by it’s beak on Don’s finger.P1000271

After brunch, we hopped in Norm’s truck for another sightseeing tour of the area. He took us places we would have never found on our own.

Our first stop was the oldest standing school house in Arizona and it’s right here in Strawberry. It was actually built in another location and later moved here to preserve it.100_5270

You know how I love old barn pictures. And dead trees!  Two in one!100_5284

Helen suggested that Norm take the dirt road to Pine, three miles away.  We stopped at the top and were rewarded with this!100_5303

It was just an amazing view.100_5305

While we were there, Bags came running up the very steep hill.  How do I know his name is Bags?  I asked him, “What’s your first name?”  “They just call me Bags,” he replied.Bags

He stopped and was sucking some serious air.  Gasping even.  I was a little concerned about him.Bags was sucking some serious air after his run up the mountain from Pine below

I couldn’t get enough of this view.layers of blue mountains

Neither could Don.admiring the view

On the hill directly on the opposite of the road was this… do you see the rock formation that resembles a horse? see the horse?

Bags turned around a few yards beyond us and headed back down the hill to Pine.  It’s several miles, but I’m not sure how far.Bags is headed back down the hill.

While in Pine, we drove around just admiring the homes.  A lot of people have summer homes here, but they stay in the valley during the winter months. 

I thought this was a lovely scene.100_5336-001

I can’t say enough about the hospitality and good time that Norm and Helen showed us.  It is so peaceful there and we sure needed the time we spent with them.

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