Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, that’s the last time I go with them (wink, wink)

Today was an amazing day, except for the part where I forgot to go to Walk Away the Pounds this morning!  And Friday is my day to ‘man’ the TV!  Thank the Lord for Lynne and Betty who stepped up.

9:00 AM – Bible study.  This year, Connie is teaching Until Christ Returns by David Jeremiah.  There was already a bunch of folks attending.  That’s wonderful!

After Bible Study, we stopped by a gentleman’s RV to visit.  Very interesting visit.  I could have listen to him for hours.  God has truly worked in his life and I love hearing about that.

Around 11:30, Nancy and Jeanelle picked me up and off we went to lunch at Friends, a lunch café, and then to the Fashion Bug in Edinburg for a little shopping.  I tried on an outfit, but decided against buying it because I just wasn’t sure I would get that much wear out of it because the top is a lightweight sweater.  When I came out of the dressing room, I hung the sweater and pants back on the rack to not purchase.  Nancy promptly picked them up and she purchased the pants and Jeanelle purchased the sweater… for me.  I would like to say that I will never go shopping with them again, but I would be lying.  Now I have a new Date Night outfit! … complete with necklace and earrings.  Hey Girls, I’m free the 16th to go shopping again!!Open-mouthed smile 

Seriously, I’m joking around because, “Thank You” just doesn’t seem like enough to say.  I’m so blessed to have these girls in my life.  They are amazing friends.

I must tell you an amazing story that happened this week.  It involves our LaNae.  She’s been having a very rough week that started last week.  Out of the blue, she received a text message that was nothing but a verse or two.  She received a verse every day from the same person, someone she did not know, and the verses were exactly the encouragement she needed each time.  Well, today, she finally called the mystery person to thank them and find out who it was.  It turns out that he’s a farmer/rancher in north Texas who thought he was sending encouragement to a friend who had the cell number LaNae now has… got it last Friday.  He was thrilled that God’s timing was perfect for LaNae and that God had used him.  Oh, how God loves us!  LaNae asked the gentleman to keep sending her verses!  He said he would be happy to.  I’m blown away. Smile

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God works in mysterious ways for sure!