Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seeing Cardiologist today

Mama Trudy has an appointment with the cardiologist today, in Chattanooga.

We took our picture before we left to go to the doctor.  (I cut the top of my head off!)Surprised smile100_0099

But even though I can’t seem to get to many pictures with my mama, it’s not about me…  it’s about her.  For the first time in her life, it’s going to be all about her.  I’m going to make sure of it. 

The love and joy in her spirit shines in her pictures even though she doesn’t feel good.  She makes an incredible effort to keep people from knowing that she feels like poo and her head is swimming.  She comes from a tough generation and somewhere along the way, she learned to make the best out of any situation and hide her feelings.  In my eyes, she has never been more beautiful.100_0100

From the back seat, I took this picture not far from Mama’s apartment.100_0102

The trip to the cardiologist went well.  They provided mother a wheelchair while at the clinic and that kept her from getting exhausted.  Her diagnosis is congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, and tachycardia. He prescribed something to help lower her heart beats per minute, which currently ranges from 80 to 136 bpm.

Here’s the email update I sent today:

The cardiologist prescribed a low dosage of med to help slow her very rapid heart rate (which may be the cause of her 'swimmy' head). If her body tolerates the med and she feels better, PTL. If not, he will try a low dosage of diuretic. He is being very attentive and cautious and we appreciate that. She will have blood work done, locally, in a week to evaluate the level of the new medication in her system.

Dr visit went well. I know all your prayers are making a huge difference. She's tired, back home but not completely exhausted.

Stay tuned. :-)

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