Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God is so good…

Don checked online for an airline ticket to Nashville and found nothing for less than $700+…. ouch.  As you may know, I swallowed my pride and sent out a request for air points.  Within a couple of hours, God had provided a ticket for me for next Thursday.  That’s day after tomorrow!!  Wow! God is awesome!!  Many, many thanks to my step-nephew who works for an airline, for stepping out with mega blessings.  The airline even flies out of McAllen, so Don will not have to drive me to San Antonio or Corpus Christi and back to the Tip alone.  The McAllen airport is about 10-15 minutes from our park.

I hardly know where to start to get ready.  Don took me shopping for a pair of boots… it’s colder in northwest Georgia than it is in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas this time of year.  Found a really comfy pair at a really good price.

I have really fretted about leaving Don alone, but God has worked this all out way ahead of me, so I know Don will be alright.  My Heavenly Father is the best keeper and I trust Him.

… All the time.

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