Friday, December 9, 2011

Dizzy Day

Well, for Pete’s sake…. Walk Away the Pounds kicked my patootie today!  We did the Walk Strong segment with intervals of squats and lunges with 2 pound weights.  During the last segment of cool down, I thought I was going to pass out and had to stop.  The rest of the day, I felt really “punky” as Don calls it.

Walking to the main hall, Don had to stop walking for a second, because he was feeling very light headed.  This happens occasionally with him.

During Bible Study, Louis, the gentleman sitting across the table from us, was telling his wife that something was wrong, he just didn’t feel good.  Don asked him if he was dizzy and he said he was.  Louis stopped Connie and said he needed prayer so we stopped right there and prayed for him.  And then Barbie, nurse and the first responder in Bible Study, drove he and his wife to their house.  Barbie checked on him all through the day and he said he was better.  I walked with him out to the car and he said at one point, he could not even see Connie.  Barbie said his blood sugar may have dropped or he may have had a T.I.A.  Don suggested he see a doctor, also.

We needed to go over to Donna to see the man who is going to repair the Q.  He was out for an hour or so, so we drove over to Weslaco for lunch. (I wonder if he was dizzy, too.)

Main street.100_0074

Not Main Street.100_0075

Very pretty Catholic church on Oklahoma Avenue.100_0076


Back at the Q, I spent the rest of the day, horizontal on the sofa.

It was a dizzy day.

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