Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year’s Eve 2011

This is Timmy, my brother’s fourth born. He and his daughter, AlexAnn, came by before going back to their home in the Nashville area.  It was early and Mama Trudy was still in her robe.100_0136

We wondered what AlexAnn was whispering to her dad.404790_2915013591766_1153473108_3126268_330658493_n

Well, it seems that, if Timmy removes his partial plate, they all three have teeth missing and Alex wanted a picture of the three of them together with teeth missing.  Timmy laughed …. an complied. Why so “no” to such an innocent and cute request.  Love is stronger than vanity, after all.  388952_2915033232257_1153473108_3126286_914718196_n

Poor Timmy. You can hardly tell that Alex and Mama Trudy are missing teeth!  Rolling on the floor laughingalex n timmy

I love Timmy’s shoes!timmy shoestim shoes

Last picture of Mama Trudy in 2011.406615_2910235072306_1153473108_3123196_370538952_n

She had a long nap this afternoon, so we played Mexican Train until midnight. Happy New Year!!

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