Saturday, December 3, 2011

Super Saturday

Do you see it?  In our beautiful palm tree?100_0037

A squirrel in a palm tree just doesn’t look normal to me.  We are curious as to what they eat here.  This palm trees don’t have nuts or dates, but they do have an abundance of little black seeds certain times of the year.  Nonetheless, he’s here in a palm tree that doesn’t offer him much play area. He was stretched out on a hanging basket hanger, that’s nailed much lower to the ground, when we came out of the Q this morning.  He scampered up to the very top and watched us. 100_0036

I’m so excited!  We decided on the bonded leather sofa over the microfiber one.  Both were bargains.  Before we purchased this one, we went to another store and looked at a Lazy Boy high grade leather sofa.  Very comfy, but I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it knowing how much it cost… well, it was just way out of our budget.  We are very pleased with this one.  It is very comfortable.100_0039

It was almost dark when our new sofa was delivered. We were glad that they picked up our old sofa and recliner and will take them to the Salvation Army to be repaired and used. 

We needed drinking water, so I rode my bike up to the main hall to get a gallon, taking my camera with me.  The indoor pool area is very pretty in the evening.  I’m wondering why Don and I aren’t stirring up these waters. Smile100_0045

The front of the Main Hall is pretty with Christmas lights. This building houses the hall where church is held, kitchen, the manager’s office, meeting rooms, billiards room, library, store, indoor pool, post office, sewing room, arts and crafts room (where chapel choir practice is held), showers, small prayer chapel (which is closed for renovation), and the large laundromat.  It is a big building.100_0052

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