Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It’s a beautiful day

Today is especially sunny and pretty out.  These pictures are part of the view from Mama’s front porch, looking east.100_0117

The top of the ridge. A highway runs along the top of the ridge.100_0118100_0119100_0122100_0123100_0124

I am passing time looking through old pictures and scrapbooks.

A full page from the newspaper.  Mama has saved this for years.  Now you understand why I am so patriotic.  That’s right folks, we should all teach our children and grandchildren to love our country and … is that a cross in that picture??? Exactly.100_0125100_0126

Click on this picture and hopefully it will be easier to read in the new window… but come back when you finish reading it. Smile100_0127

A clipping from the local newspaper, Sept. 1954, that Mama liked and saved…. all these years.395346_2890469338175_1153473108_3114179_225200372_n

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