Sunday, December 18, 2011

First sunny day came on Sunday

The sun came up this morning and we saw it!  The clouds are gone.  We had a very heavy frost this morning and the trees were shining in the early morning sun coming over the mountain.100_0091

This afternoon, I bundled Mama up and she sat out in the sunshine to get a little natural vitamin D.  Tonight, when she saw this picture, she said the funniest thing:  “That makes me look like an old woman.”  Mama is almost 93 1/2 years old! At first, she couldn’t figure out what I was laughing about and then she got tickled at herself.  I love my mama.100_0092

I understand, though, why she said that… she really doesn’t look like an old woman, even in this picture.100_0093

See the house above the apartment across the parking lot, the one up on the side of the mountain?  I wonder what it looks like close up?100_0097

Now, I wonder if anyone lives there.  If so, they have a nice view in the winter when all the leaves are gone.100_0094

Mama didn’t stay outside very long.  Got tired and we went back inside.

Don called me after church this morning.  In fact, several friends from the park called me to tell me how good church was this morning and what a wonderful sermon Don preached.  I miss hearing him preach.

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