Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday in Coffeyville

Church was good this morning, numbers were down due to people starting work that were present last Sunday.  We are discussing having a Saturday night worship service for those who work the day shift and are unable to attend church on Sunday morning.

The message was "Reaching Out" with text from Matt. 25:33-40.  Driving through this town will grip your heart.  There is much poverty here and we are praying  for God's leading in how to be a part of His hands and feet here.  These blank lots represent over three hundred houses that were destroyed in the 2007 flood.  We have heard that the City of Coffeyville will give you a lot if you will build a house, to specifications, on that lot.

100_8129 100_8130 100_8131 Don was hungry for a "hot meal" as opposed to a sandwich, I guess, so we supported another local establishment, El Charro, Authentic Mexican Restaurant.100_8132 I was amazed at all the hand-painted decor....outside and...100_8133inside.100_8134Don trying to decide which hot meal he wanted.100_8135 More artwork... this is one out of a row of windows up where the wall meets the ceiling.  These paintings on glass were amazing and I wished I could have taken a picture of each one, but there were many of them.. all different.100_8136I think the artist misspelled 'Cancun.'100_8137100_8138 The gentleman that checked us out said a lady hand-painted all the El Charro Restaurants and that she was expensive.100_8139After lunch (the spinach enchiladas were very good), we drove around.  The house I previously posted a picture of... this is a better view.100_8140 100_8141Wouldn't you love to see inside this house.  Wonder how many rooms there are?100_8143I'm only showing pictures of houses that are pleasing to the eye.  For every house like this, there are twenty that you or I would not live in, unless we had no choice.100_8144100_8145We found the hospital.  Actually, Don has been here before.  Grandson Taylor, was born here.100_8146100_8147It's a pretty big hospital.100_8148The Sherwin-Williams Plant.100_8150100_8149Due to the refinery that is here, there are a lot of railroad tracks, also.100_8152There's a dead tree in this picture.  I'm surprised that there are any trees alive here due to the flood and oil spill.100_8153These are pictures of the refinery, from the street, of course:100_8154100_8155100_8159100_8160100_8161Levees have been built around the refinery in case of another flood.100_8162This is the Verdigris River just east of the refinery... the banks are much eroded from the flood.100_8164100_8165The river bottom area covers thousands of acres.100_8167Further out from town.100_8169We came to the small community of Liberty where this old church building is for sell.  The building is small, but looks to be in good condition.100_8171This is a sad commentary on the condition of the entire community.100_8172More ravages of the flood.100_8175We enjoyed our short drive, even though it was sort of depressing.  There is beauty in this area and there is pride, courage and a resolve to rebuild.  Out of 53 businesses destroyed, seven have re-opened for business.

We watched the Cowboys get beat by the Cardinals.  This has not been a good weekend for Don's favorite teams.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Did I mention that it was very windy here today.  I thought it was windy in Oklahoma, but so far, it's been just as windy here in Kansas.

Hey, DeAnn, my right eye is doing that swelling thing again tonight.  It has to be allergies, with all this wind.  I'll double up on grapeseed extract.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's blogs tonight.  Snookie got caught up... she's a busy lady now that she's activities director at Quail Run.  We're are thrilled that her team is coming together like a well oiled machine, like a hand and glove, like a pocket on a shirt... you get the picture.  We know she will do a great job for all the folks at QR! 

And then there's that bunch in Florida... having fun in the sun.  Wonder if Dave and Darlene are all set up yet?

My niece, the piano player, reminiscing about her college piano instructor in her post made me wish I had known her or better, learned to play the piano under her instruction.  Playing the piano sure would come in handy for us in this ministry.

Congratulations to Cathy and Jack on the birth of their new grandson, Nicco.  We pray baby and mother are doing good.

We haven't read anything new from Sharon and Tom in quite a while.  C'mon Sharon, we need to hear from you.

I'm compelled to ask you all to pray... get alone, sit quietly, listen to your heart and pray.  That is my prayer, tonight, for each one reading this. 

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