Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Sunday

Oh, yow (that's Okie for "yeah").  Our first worship service in Coffeyville, Kansas, was great! We meet at the Walter Johnson Rec Building here at the park. It's basically brand new, since it had to be remodeled after the July, 2007 flood here.  The pictures of the flood are amazing as they show how devastating the flood and the oil spill was to the east side of Coffeyville.  As we learn more and more about this community, we understand more and more why God sent us here.

The recreation building we met in this morning was under nine feet of water after the levee broke and the oil spill only complicated the damage, causing this entire side of town to be condemned.  There are many empty lots now where houses and businesses once stood.

Last evening, we attended, here at WJ Park, a hot dog social hosted by Express Pros.  Well, you can see by the picture how many workampers were there.  And this isn't everyone.

100_8077I happened to get a good picture of Bruno, the monster Doberman, after the social.  He's really old, but sweet.  I feel really bad that I chopped Joel's head off, now that I know Joel, who helped me lead singing this morning. (insert smile)100_8078 OK, back to today's activities.  Here's Don in the new bright lime green room, preaching.  Donna, at the rec building desk said, "I hope this bright color doesn't keep you awake."  What?  "I hope it does!"  Oh, I forgot..  "this is church," said she.  Donna also told Don about much of the poverty in this area, and how the children here have been affected.  The 'church' here is already getting a vision for getting involved.  100_8079 And the "congregation."100_8080Guess who's occupying the whole front row?  And that's Joel in the dark jacket and his sweetie in pink.  Joyce (in red vest) and Buck, couple we met our first night in the park.  Really good folks from Texas.  Isn't this a good-looking bunch?!100_8081 100_8082100_8083After church, we drove over to Bartlesville, OK... 35 miles from here.  It was a nice drive.  However, it's pretty windy here. 100_8084 What follows are random picture in Bartlesville, OK.100_8085100_8086100_8088You bet we capped off the tank.100_8089And a couple on the drive back to Napville Coffeyville.  I love the mountains and the desert, but these green rolling flat lands are the best.  They own their own special tranquility.100_8091100_8092Two and half hours later (after the nap), we had company!  Yvonne and Dan came for a little visit.  Remember, we met them at Oak Grove in Branson.  Dan is working at and Yvonne will be here for two weeks until she's off to another grandson-band-event.  His band won second place in a big competition at Union High in Tulsa this weekend.

Don spent an hour on a conference call with the CRM board of directors and others tonight... giving them a Coffeyville report.

Finally!  Snookie called me tonight.  So good to hear your voice and that wonderful laugh, Snook.  Her phone went dead in mid-sentence, so we didn't get to sign off, but that's ok... we got to chat for a bit before that. 

Also, talked to Linda Poyer after church.  They are getting settled in down there in Texas.  Rudy Dee and Shelby are loving it.  Hope your migraine is gone, Linda.

I called my friend, Lucy, back in Branson, but didn't get her.  Call me, Lucy.  I miss you.

OK, I've got to stop thinking about everybody.. my heart's beginning to hurt.  That's the hardest thing about this lifestyle... missing all the good friends we meet along the way.  I have to focus on the future... like maybe our paths crossing again along the way.  And most definitely we want to see you ALL in heaven... that's a given.

Psalm 34:2-4 (KJV)

2  My soul shall make her boast in the LORD: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.

3  O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His name together.

4  I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

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Wendy and Rick Fury said...

I'm sure we will see you again in our travels. You have meant so much to us to avoid it. We miss you guys. Think green!!LOL!!!