Saturday, October 18, 2008

Date Night Surprise

The title might cause you to think that Don had a big surprise for me for our Date Night, but the truth is, we were both surprised.

We decided to go back to South Coffeyville, Oklahoma (about five miles from Coffeyville, KS) and check out J & K Chop House for dinner.  The exterior indicated that the decor inside would probably be western or rustic... I was thinking roasted peanuts in buckets and peanut hulls on the floor, etc.  Well, the surprise was what we saw when we stepped inside.  Since I was wearing brown pants, a light green sweat shirt and walking shoes, I immediately thought, "Oh, my! I'm under-dressed." 

All of the tables were set with folded standing linen, crystal and very nice flatware.  Soothing, easy-listening instrumental music floated softly in the dining room.  White mini-lights were strung in all the decor-trees.  In other words, the ambience was rather glamorous... not highly glamorous, just rather.  The lights were not dim and the candles weren't lit.  On the appetizer menu:  escargot (which we did not order).  Steak and seafood were their specialty and rather pricey.  Don had fried catfish and salad, and I had grilled chicken fettuccine with really good french onion soup.

I know, you are thinking, "What's the big deal about a fancy restaurant?"  If you could see the community where this restaurant is located, you would under-stand.  This whole area could be classified as poverty stricken.  We were simply shocked. 

J & K Chop House has been open for two years and the building was originally a grocery store.  It was very clean and from where we were seated, I could see into the kitchen area when the double doors would swing open by the waitress... the kitchen looked spotless.  It was football game Friday night and homecoming for Coffeyville, so that was the explanation for why we were only one of three couples there at the time.  We had a nice visit with  the K of J & K.  She said John was the J and he was also the certified chef.  K is the dessert chef. (we didn't have dessert either) J & K had owned a catering business in Tulsa in years past.

By the way, I was no more under-dressed than the other two ladies present.  Even so, it was a very enjoyable Date Night.

All that and no pictures. 

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