Monday, October 20, 2008

Marvelous Monday

-->-->A New Song<--<--

Don preached a sermon once using this story as an illustration:  "I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows."  Enjoy the music and the story.  (thanks to Dave Sutton for sharing this with me)

Today was laundry day.  For the third Monday in a row, I saw the same lady at the laundromat and I even got a big hug from her today.  If I see her again next Monday, I will have to introduce myself and find out her name. 

This afternoon, we just relaxed and then folks started coming to get their mail around 2:00 PM. has cut back the hours per day from 10 to 9 and they have also stopped the shuttle service from the parks to the distribution center.  Orders have not started coming in as they expected yet, so they've had to cut back in some areas.

Attendance was down again in church yesterday, but it was still a great day.  Pray that folks will get accustom to the work and be able to get up and come to church if they are off.  I really don't know how they are working that long on their feet all day long.  It's exhausting.  Please pray for all of these workers.


2 Chronicles 7:14


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