Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More from Wednesday's Wanderings in SE Kansas

We left the estate on the private drive :-) and headed toward Neodesha.  These are scenes along the way that caught my eye.  You know I have a thing about bodies of water, regardless of how large or small.100_8396100_8394 While Don was getting gas ($2.29.9/gal), I saw this little diner across the street:  Miss Emma's Diner.  That being my DGD's name, I couldn't resist taking a picture.100_8398Also, I might add that her great uncle on her daddy's side, lives in Neodesha.  However, this isn't his house.  He lives is a nice cottage a couple of streets over.  We drove by, and it never occurred to me to take a picture.  Uncle Bill was working, so he wasn't at home.  Look at that porch!  And that cute little balcony on the second floor... a perfect spot to read my Bible and pray on a early summer morning.  Might need a quilt on a day like today.100_8400 Back to reality... as we headed out of Neodesha, we saw this, which probably had something to do with an oil well at some time in the past.  100_8401We're headed for Parsons now.100_8402100_8403 100_8404 You have to read this!  Gave me the creeps. I think I've seen a movie about this.100_8405 Uh, Parsons, Disney World called and they want this building back. (It's being used as a church.)100_8410 100_8411 100_8413 On the road from Parsons to Altamont, Kansas.100_8414 This is about the only thing worth photographing in Altamont.100_8416 On the way from Altamont to Coffeyville (Don kept ignoring Gabbie Gertie, our GPS, and kept turning south), we saw this RV park in the distance so we drove in and looked around.  There are eight full-hook-up sites here and all eight are workampers at  They drive 25+/- miles one way to work, but they love it here.  We now understand why.  So quiet and peaceful. (I'm holding the camera out and over the top of the cab to take this picture. Interesting angle, uh?)100_8420 It even has it's own lake visible right out the back window of all the RV'ers and only about a fifty yard walk away.100_8423 On down the road... I don't think this barn was always so "air conditioned."  Can you tell, I love the country?
100_8424   We thoroughly enjoyed our day of seeing the area around Southeast Kansas, where we are.  I wouldn't want to live here, unless someone wanted to give me one of those beautiful three-story turn-of-the-century houses and then I would suddenly be in the Bed & Breakfast business. :-)  We could designate one room as the "sanctuary" and have church on Sunday morning and Bible Study every night, if we wanted to. 

Snap out of it, LaVon.  You're back 'home' and this is reality. ===V===100_8429  WE LOVE IT!

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