Sunday, October 12, 2008

Easily entertained in Coffeyville

Yes, it only takes a small thing like a kitty on top of our 5'er to entertain us and our neighbors.  From inside, we watched Callie climb a tree beside our 'house' ... we knew she would probably be on the roof, so I grabbed the camera and go outside.  Yep, there she is, happy as a queen on top of a mountain.100_8124For a minute, we thought she would going to come down the ladder.100_8125 But in true cat fashion, she changed her mind.  She's there on top of the slide-out.  Her owner is in the blue.100_8126He coaxed and coaxed, but she ignored until she was ready to come down ... the same way she went up.100_8127Safe and sound on the ground with eight happily entertained people going back to their respective dwellings.  Yes, we are easily entertained. 100_8128

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